Once you are a member, you can take advantage of the many benefits the federation offers.

For information on joining, please click on the following links:

In order to become a Federation Member, an organization applies for membership in the Federation by agreeing to be bound by the Federation Policy, written by an official representative of the organization.

Each application for membership, including the optional Identity Management Practice Statement, is evaluated by the Federation Operator. The Federation Operator presents a recommendation for membership with an evaluation report to BREN who in turn decides on whether to grant or deny the application.

If the application is denied, this decision and the reason for denying the application are communicated to the applying organization by the Federation Operator.

Service and Identity Providers can apply for membership at any time by submitting an e-mail to Their applications will be evaluated (either accepted or denied) within 15 days against the following criteria:

  • Installed certificates;
  • The accuracy of the Service registration in the Federation;
  • The proper working of the Service;
  • The consistency with the information provided through the request forms.

Upon acceptance, the Organisation receives exclusively to the provided email addresses the countersigned documents. If rejected, the Organisation is notified with the reason of the refusal.


Currently, participation in the BREN Identity Federation is free of charge both for IdPs and for SPs. Any changes regarding fees need to be announced by July 1st of the preceding year.